Graceland Grave Robbers

Graceland Grave Robbers only existed for few months in 2007, but managed to play a handful of show shows with bands like Antelope, Brown Bird, No BS Brass Band and recorded a dozen songs. Members Noah Page (Lint-Free, the BEAT!) , Nick Coward (Belles, Nick Coward & The Last Battle) and PJ Sykes (Hoax Hunters, A New Dawn Fades) knew each other from growing up in the Lynchburg, VA music scene. One night in a Richmond bar they all ran into each other and started this band on a dare.

The Graceland Grave Robbers…I’d heard of the name…maybe seen a fleeting flyer or two. Friends talked about them. Before I could see them in person, they were gone. I was out of luck. Then, back in 2009, I met an amazing photographer by the name of PJ Sykes. He was photographing my then band, The Velvet Marias. Years went by, PJ photographed me with The Articles and VEXINE. We became friends over the years, talking and collaborating about art, photography and music. Then it came up. PJ had been in The Graceland Graverobbers! I had no idea…I never knew the names of the guys in the band. I became a little giddy. My friend was in GGR and was right in front of me the entire time? I did not know that any recordings existed. Finally! I got to hear The Graceland Grave Robbers. I was thrilled with what I heard.

The group was formed by three old friends from Lynchburg, Noah Page, Nick Coward, and P.J. Sykes. Although only together for a brief time the band created something special. They gave us a high-lonesome collection of songs, somehow old and modern in the same breath. Nick Coward and Noah Page tell these tales in voices as edgy as they are full or warmth and longing. PJ Sykes’ haunting guitar plays like a Greek Chorus that narrates the mood of each track. Their songs transport the listener in such a way that you feel like you are reading on old letter, a voyeur into a porthole to the past, and directly into the soul of a ghost. Nick’s country/ folk influences coupled with Noah’s blues influences created a truly unique sound. PJ was the final ingredient that brought it all the life.

GGR created these rare songs that travel on the wind from a hot, dusty trail. They are seeping with hardship, hurt, and family. A dark, beautiful, campfire-version of Southern rock. Thank you, Noah, Nick, and PJ. If you ever want to play a GGR show again, sell me the first ticket.
— Sarah Gleason (VEXINE)
Emerging from a sea of chaos, funk, and genre cross-pollination, Noah Page has unleashed his true musical genius. Sharing a new, humble, southern rock influenced existence with the likes of masterful song spinner Nick Coward and mythical guitar virtuoso PJ Sykes, his barren voice shakes salt over the wasteland of our modern world in order to make it better resemble his own pain. He chains us against terrifyingly earnest blues rock that seems to dig itself from the grave of Robert Johnson and to chop down your back door with an axe. The trio then laments their fates as derelicts and nogoodnics on Coward’s redressed mountain man lullabies. But they do not repent their sins, only remark on their broken dreams and bones as if these things were merely inaccurate forecasts by some heavenly weatherman.
— J Solomon