The Colloquial Orchestra

photo by Brenden Preddy

photo by Brenden Preddy

Richmond, Virginia based, ever changing experimental improvisational ensemble. these recordings may contain things you may love and things you may not love so much. regardless, we shall unapologetically and humbly allow them to exist for you. mistakes, experiments, moments of brilliance and all.... thanks for listening!


Listen to a five minute sampler.

SHOW HISTORY with audio and video links


10/02/2009 The Courtyard

Dave Watkins, Matt Klimas


12/14/2009 The Camel

Dave Watkins, Matt Klimas, Chad Ebel



7/17/2010 Emilo's

Dave Watkins, (bass/drums show)


10/26/2010 Gibbson’s Grill

Dave Watkins, Matt Klimas, Chris Payne and members of Me and My Arrow + Phantom Tailsfrom the great state of Minnesota



11/12/2010 Sprout

Dave Watkins, Matt Klimas, Jonathan Vassar


4/18/2011 Globehopper

Dave Watkins, Joon Kim, P. D. Wilder, Joe Morgan, Zachary M. W. Corsa


6/4/2011 Sprout

Dave Watkins, Matt Klimas, Joon Kim, PJ Sykes, Will Thompson, Kyle Harris


7/9/2011 Globehopper

Dave Watkins, Matt Klimas, Joon Kim, PJ Sykes, Jameson Price, Nathaniel Roseberry, surprise guest percussion by Melissa Koch and Hillary Langford


8/5/2011 The Courtyard

Dave Watkins, Matt Klimas, Joon Kim, Laney Sullivan, Jameson Price, Nathaniel Roseberry, 



3/11/20012 The Camel

Dave Watkins, Joon Kim, Laney Sullivan, Jameson Price, Nathaniel Roseberry



6/2/20012 Gibson's Grill

Dave Watkins, Joon Kim, PJ Sykes


7/14/2012 Gallery 5 - WRIR and The Commonwealth of Notions Presents: Volume Two

Dave Watkins, Matt Klimas, Joon Kim, PJ Sykes, Shannon Keeter, Brandon Martin, Ben Nicastro, Adam Rose

For this show TCO lined the walls and the audience sat in the middle of the room. 

"Best surround sound set: Colloquial Orchestra's dynamic smorgasbord of eight musicians placed around the room and following the lead of the amazingly talented Dave Watkins on electric dulcitar.

The 27-minute improvised piece featured some of my favorite people, including Adam of Marionette, Matt of Snowy Owls and PJ, a guy who changes from mild-mannered photographer to beast of a guitar god when he has an instrument in his hand.

Also of note was Brandon, who entered the fray late in the game, setting up a drum and taking over percussion duties a bit after the set had begun." - Karen



12/01/2012 Emilio’s

Dave Watkins, PJ Sykes Nathaniel Roseberry


02/01/2013 Renaissance Ballroom - WRIR Party For The Rest Of Us 8

Dave Watkins, Matt Klimas, Joon Kim, PJ Sykes, Adam Birce, Tristan Brennis, Jimmy Held, Nelly Kate, Shannon Keter, Brandon Martin, Nathaniel Roseberry, Adam Tsai



04/09/2013 Gallery 5

Dave Watkins, PJ Sykes, Ben Nicastro, Greg Garner, Jameson Price, Laney Sullivan, Ethan Kuhn, Ethan Johnstone, Reid LaPierre, Jason Scott, Tristan Brennis, Nelly Kate, 



08/17/2013 Bogart’s - Sounds Of RVA Showcase

Dave Watkins, PJ Sykes, Greg Garner, Ben Nicastro, Joon Kim, Tim Falen, Nathaniel Roseberry


02/07/2014 Renaissance Ballroom - WRIR Party For The Rest Of Us 9

Dave Watkins, Joon Kim, PJ Sykes, Tristan Brennis, Adam Birce, Tim Falen, Kyle Flanagan, Greg Garner, Troy Gatrell, Jon Hawkins, Joseph Hawkins, Evan Hoffman, Shannon Keeter, Clair Morgan Ben Nicastro Adam Tsai