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February 24 - Cagey Watts - Palani Drive

Cagey Watts are back! Ben and Greg of Hoax Hunters and Doyle Hall (Timothy Bailey & The Humans) back singer songwriter Carrie Watterworth. 8pm free (get the chicken quesadilla)


January 28 - Hoax Hunters (solo set) - The Camel

PJ will play a solo set of Hoax Hunters songs to open the show. Stick around for MyWay, The Mad Children, and Faceship. 9pm $5


January 6 - Urban Enthusiasm and Secret Bonus Level rap show - Emilio's

PJ plays guitar for the Rap Cypher live band.

Urban Enthusiasm and Secret Bonus Level, two of the finest hip hop radio programs you're liable to encounter, team up to bring you an evening of RAP music. A diverse bunch of performers from around the city and an OPEN INVITATION RAP CYPHER to end the evening.

Fan Ran, Skuzii and the Finesse Band, aarnxbrown, Frankenstein Reyes, Cosmo Black, Hanz

$7 ($10 under 21) 9pm


October 21 - Hoax Hunters - live on WRIR 3-5pm

Join Richmond's own Hoax Hunters on End of the Century's Fall Fund Drive show on WRIR 97.3 FM or wrir.org! They'll perform a couple of Hüsker Dü songs and some originals, live on the radio. Donate at (804) 622-9747 or at wrir.org to support Richmond Independent Radio!


October 21 - Tim McCready + Liza Kate - SOLD OUT

Tim McCready (aka Timothy Bailey) plays a rare live show with Liza Kate. If all goes well, look for more of these intimate shows soon. 

15 years ago PJ Sykes got in the 30 Day Warranty van and shot a linear documentary of their southern US tour. We're dropping a new part of this never before seen video each day starting July 5th on our YouTube channel. If you've ever booked your own DIY tour or ever wondered what it's like, this doc is for you. Nothing has been edited out! No spoilers but some nights were good and others not so much... enjoy! 



June 22 - Ready For The House Band (Chrissie Lozano, Gary Stevens, PJ Sykes) 

Jandek handpicked these musicians for his recent show in RVA! This one-off gig is not to be missed. w/ Amplifier on Fire, honeybrandy,  LUNAR


August 18 - Hoax Hunters (solo set) 

This will be the only Hoax Hunters gig this summer! 

RVA Dirt 1 year anniversary party:

Coalition Theater's Richmond Famous w/ Goad Gatsby, Black Liquid

Hoax Hunters contribute new song "SAD!" to Friends For Equality Volume 2

On this song Hoax Hunters are PJ Sykes and Ben Nicastro with Lance Koehler (No BS Brass Band) on drums and backup vocals by Jeff Roop (Angels VS Aliens). Featuring perSisters backup vocals recorded in Dave Brat's congressional district by Beth Bendheim, Alsúin Creighton-Preis, Cheryl Ware. The perSisters include a speech-language pathologist, a member of the local Jewish community, and a recent nationalized citizen. All three mothers are non-paid activist who didn't know each other before the election. 

Hoax Hunters are currently writing and recording their third album for Cherub Records.

Friends For Equality volume 2 was curated by Spartan Jet-Plex (aka Nancy Kells) and features 50 songs by artists form 40 different cities in 10 countries. The compilation boasts an eclectic mix of genres including punk rock, improvisation, hip hop, experimental electronic, noise, electronic music, trip hop, ambient, improv, dark ambient, psychrock, experimental, lo-fi, folk, bedroom pop, indie and prog rock.

All proceeds (minus Bandcamp and Paypal fees) will be split evenly between the Southern Poverty Law CenterACLU and Planned Parenthood. This Bandcamp was setup specifically for this fundraising opportunity. The sale begins on May 30, 2017 and will continue indefinitely. Contributions will be sent to the organizations monthly. 

Friends For Equality is a music and zine collective comprised of artists from all over the world to raise money and support social justice and civil rights organizations locally in Richmond, Virginia, USA and worldwide

PJ Sykes 5/24/17



Oh, hello! 

Welcome to the new Cherub website.

Our fifteenth birthday is this year and so we figured it was time to open up the archives. We have scanned in hundreds of photos, flyers, and ephemera from every dusty corner of Cherub history. Soon, you'll be able to throwback, flashback, or slapback any day of the week you choose! We'll also be releasing lots of videos that have been transferred from various outdated analog formats. And if that wasn't enough, we have commissioned friends to write about each of the main projects for a zine that will companion a huge digital compilation.

But first, we decided to release a very special collection of recordings by the infamous Richmond improvisational group, The Colloquial Orchestra. The group is led by musical wizard, Dave Watkins and features many familiar faces from the RVAmusic community and Cherub family. The live recordings span over four years and range in sonic texture from quiet acoustic to funky Arkestra-esk jams to thick walls of electric guitar noise. We believe this to be an interesting and important document that helps tell the evolving Richmond scene. Along with the live recordings, we have collected a handful of videos, photos and flyers which will be released at the same time.

The Colloquial Orchestra collection continues our passion for releasing live recordings, that serve as audio mile markers of our community music and arts scene. We hope you'll go back listen to Lynchburg's Wakovia Bank Robbers and RVA's Baby Help Me Forget (plus the bonus Sprout closing show recordings) to hear the bigger picture of our evolution from bedroom record label in Lynchburg, VA to tiny home office label in Richmond, VA.

Thank you,

PJ Sykes 9/6/16