Baby Help Me Forget

Baby Help Me Forget is a five piece musical explosion that will quickly have you remembering every note. Their unique blend of psychedelic blues infused garage rock and front man, Jamie Lay’s theatrical moves make for one of the most entertaining musical experiences that Richmond has to offer. With a variety of songs on topics ranging from girls in songs like “Can’t Control Myself” to keeping the upper hand in “Win Realm”, Baby Help Me Forget is strangely reminiscent of being fifteen all over again and discovering punk rock through a friend’s dusty record collection. Influenced greatly by the Sixties psychedelic influx and the Nineties grunge movement, these guys give a new spin to older sounds. The combination of climactic guitar riffs provided by guitarists, Jon Sizemore and Alister Perkinson, paired with the driving rhythms of drummer, Raphael “Raph” Katchinoff and bassist Gabe Lopez are a perfect recipe for rock when topped with Jamie Lay’s punk rock intonations and Mick Jagger-like swagger.



Baby Help Me Forget: Jamie Lay, Jeff Lay, Gabe Lopez, Alister Perkinson, John Sizemore

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